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Our Presence

The primary reason why Astute has scaled up phenomenally is because of our ability to reach to every location and execute projects of every size. Our corporate office is in Pune, wherein the corporate affairs team operates. We control 150 sub offices from 14 operation hubs and cover 800+ locations.

We’re the best in the industry because:

Office Space (in Sq ft.)

Widespread geographical coverage

We’re known as forerunners in terms of widespread geographical coverage. Having covered 800+ locations across India we possess the technical knowhow to undertake projects of varied scale. Supplemented by a strong team of industry veterans with more than a decade of experience, Astute helps clients achieve milestones.

Long lasting client relationship

In today’s hypercompetitive ecosystem, client relationship is the vital component to retain and acquire new business. We’re associated with some clients since our inception in 2005 and majority of our business comes through reference. Client satisfaction is given utmost importance at every stage of the project.

Technology friendly

Being technocrats we implement the latest technology to carry out projects. This eliminates manual errors and enhances the speed of the project. Along with this the quality of service remains constant irrespective of the project size, this is possible by embracing the right skill.

Multiple services under one roof

We’ve been a service providing platforms since 2005. The transition from service providers to service platform was possible due to our diligence, perseverance and hard work. Astute is backed by a strong team of 2,500 skilled and experienced team members. We’re a one stop destination for finance, audit, contact center, back end, credit verification and banking services.