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Credit & Risk Management

Credit and Risk Management

It has become mandatory for companies to minimize risk and improve profits by performing a background check on a prospects’ financial past before granting a loan. As a company performing credit and risk management, Astute Group helps companies evaluate risk better and take informed decision while granting credit facility.

Credit and Risk management services offered by Astute include:

field investigation
Profiling and cross verification of the details provided by customer such as contact point verification or asset verification. Tele-verification, database check and reference check are an integral part of this activity. Field investigations are used in the retail segment where volumes are high and turnaround time is short – requiring quick response and agile solutions.
Intelligent Sampling & Document Verifications
Verifying and crosschecking various mandatory documents such as income documents, financial statements, bank statements, KYC documents and property documents provided by customers.
Pre-employment Checks
Pre employment verification is an integral part of hiring process across companies. We verify complete details of the candidates before/after hiring, including checks on previous employment, current and permanent residence, neighbor reference and negative database. Pre-employment verification is done for every category and level of employees.
Vendor Vetting
We provide screening to ensure vendor integrity. Any company planning to start new business with other company can utilize this service. This helps companies to know their potential business partner much better.
Personal Interview / Personal Discussion
Banks meet their customers at their premise before granting credit facility. This is done to obtain the customer’s report on the details as per applicable formats (which differ between products and principals).
Business Profile Reports
Astute has developed this product for financial services organizations granting credit facility to SME sector. Thorough customer business report is generated for credit assessment unit to take a better decision. The report includes basic profile of entity, financials, adverse data monitoring, industry trend analysis. Adverse data monitoring section of the report covers all statutory aspects and mandatory compliances.