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Ever since our inception, we’ve been performing audits – both one time and ongoing. The wide range of audits offered by Astute Group are inventory audits, securitization audits, hind sighting audits, quality audits, receipt audits, collection audits, and franchisee/business partner audits. Specialized teams handle these audits, so rest assured your company is in the safest hands.

Here are the details of the audits:

Hind sighting Audit
Hind sighting is a health check of the disbursed files at a centralized level and location. Though a file is disbursed through a set procedure and various checks are being followed before disbursement takes place, an independent check on various parameters gives a complete insight as how a location/branch is performing in terms of policy and processes.
Securitization Audit
Securitization audit is done to determine the quality of portfolio being securitized. Many Banks regularly securitize portfolio from various NBFCs and MFIs situated across India to either build their books or meet PSL targets. With Astute’s wide spread geographical presence we ensure that timely audits are conducted and reports submitted to enable timely and informed decisions.
Inventory Audits
Inventory or Trade advance audits are done to determine the availability of inventory against the funding. Periodicity of inventory audits are decided based on the funding limits given to a particular entity.
Stock Yard Audits
Stock yard audits are done regularly to check inventory and stock at a particular stock yard against the inventory list available. They give insight on accuracy of reporting by internal teams as well as yards where stock, goods and vehicles are parked. There are many instances where the condition of stock deteriorates because of inadequate attention provided. Regular audits by Astute.
Franchisee / Agency Audits
Depending on nature of business, various business models are being followed at different levels. It is important to have right processes in place, but it is equally important to monitor that the processes are being followed properly. To determine the same and maintain uniformity, franchisee audits help a great deal in achieving standard service levels and hygiene across different locations.
Branch Audits
Branch audits or process audits are ways to verify and determine compliance to the processes and policies laid down by the organization. These are periodic audits conducted at various locations aimed to check if process controls are in place and being followed diligently by locations / area offices. With branch audits, Astute enables companies to identify (if any) and in initiating corrective measures time to time.
KYC Audits
KYC norms have changed significantly in past and are becoming more and more stringent. RBI and NHB are placing tremendous emphasis on obtaining, maintaining and periodically updating prescribed KYC documents for all customer types. We specialize in verifying KYC documents of current and historical customers of banks / financial institutions where volume of documents is high. KYC audits are conducted on set parameters.